A Few Pics From The First Two Days

I think I may have alluded to the fact that it was a bit chilly when we started the trip.

These guys were passing by as we waited for our first bridge opening, and from their stylish fishing attire, you can tell that my description of the temperature is not too great an exaggeration.

This is taken on the Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal as we motored south from Chesapeake. The leaves here were just starting to turn.

As we moved out into open water, I was fascinated by the gulls that were wheeling in our wake. Looking, I suppose, for something thrown up by our prop wash. Smart birds.

Nearing Coinjock, we passed by this little cabin in the woods. This guy has the best front yard in the world.

The weather for the whole trip was great. We had sunny skies all the way, and not a drop of rain fell. It was pretty windy on most of the days, and on the second day, from Coinjock, NC to Oriental, NC, we were driving into the wind across the large sounds.

It wasn’t a bad ride, just a choppy one. The waves were only about two or three feet, but they were steep and close together, and the spray was hitting us up on the flybridge, so we retired to the lower helm, turned on the wipers and drove in comfortably dry warmth.

I have a video of this, but can’t post it here unless I purchase the “video upgrade” from WordPress, so I’ll post it on my Facebook page instead.

Take that, WordPress.

We arrived in Oriental and got tied up at the dock, and tried to decide whether or not we had the energy to go hunting for a restaurant. We didn’t.

Our dinner that night, and for several other nights, was one of a variety of pre-packaged meals I brought with me, all of which Steve soon referred to collectively as “mystery meat”.

I thought they tasted pretty good, but then my idea of haute cuisine is a cheeseburger with swiss AND cheddar cheese on it.

I didn’t think we could survive without coffee in the morning, but I didn’t think there was a coffee maker on the boat, so I brought some of the coffee bag things that Folgers has. Sort of like a tea bag full of coffee.

Actually tastes similar to coffee if you don’t think about it too hard. And guess what I found in one of the galley cabinets…of course…a coffee maker. I finally found a store with coffee and coffee filters when we got to Charleston – the next-to-last day of the trip. We drank lots of coffee that day, and it was a good thing we had it, because we had some good strong Joe for the long overnight run.

Some pics from the next couple days and a bit of commentary next post.


About TwoCaptains

The TwoCaptains are Jim and Janet, both US Coast Guard licensed boat captains home-ported in Daytona Beach. We recently sold our 1990 Ocean Yachts 56' CPMY "Magic Carpet", and now we're in the hunt for a replacement.
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