A New Home for Magic Carpet

Well, Friday afternoon we moved Magic Carpet from the dock where we left her two weeks ago, to our new location on the T-head on G dock. It’s a much better location for us, and it’s right in the middle of the marina so we can see everything that’s going on.

The afternoon started a little badly for me when I leaned over the swim platform to check the exhaust and my sunglasses fell out of my pocket and went for a swim. I was less than pleased about that, but shook it off and just squinted through the rest of the day. Now I have an excuse to get a nice new pair of Costa’s.

Friday night, the marina had a Christmas open house. It seemed like a pretty good crowd to us, with 80 to 100 people there, but we were told that last year, the attendance was almost twice as many.

We spent most of Friday afternoon cleaning the boat inside, and we just spent a little while at the party before we went back to continue cleaning. The previous owner’s tastes in decorating were a bit at odds with ours, so there was a lot of stuff that was in need of a new home. We’ll take some of the old bed linens, plates, glasses, etc. to a charity, and a lot of the other stuff was consigned to the nearest dumpster.

Saturday, we pulled drawers out of cabinets and vacuumed the drawers, the inside of the cabinets, and just about anything else we could reach with the vacuum. New drawer liners helped to spiff things up a bit, and we now have one of the staterooms and one of the heads in pretty good shape.

Janet did most of that work while I busied myself in the engine room trying to figure out the Glendinning engine synchronizer problem. I pretty much knew it was a broken cable, but when I started looking at the route the cable took, I got a little concerned. It snaked up from the starboard engine, back and behind the generator and then over to the port side where it connected to the synchronizer. I had to take a few things apart to get to it, but after some grunting and the invention of a few new swear words, I managed to get it pulled free.

The cable is about eight feet long, and has one of these at both ends.

Time and geometry took their toll though, and the cable basically twisted itself in two a foot out of the engine. This is the offending bit:

I’ll measure the old cable, and order a new, shorter one on Monday. Hopefully it won’t take long to get here.

The new one will be shorter because I’m going to reroute the new one to eliminate some of the bends that were in the old one, which should eliminate some of the stresses that I think caused the old one to fail.

The Glendinning manual makes a big deal out of NOT having any S-turns in the cable, and guess what the cable looked like as it left the engine and started back behind the generator? …yep, a big S. My new route will eliminate that and should be more in line with what the factory recommends.

I took a couple pics of our new front yard before we packed up for the day.

This is a city-owned marina, so there is a public boat ramp all the way down the fairway in the center of this photo. From our vantage point, we can watch the goings-on at the ramp, which on many occasions, is far more hilarious than anything you can find on TV. The good part is, we are past the point where the boats come in to or from the ramp, so we should be fairly safe from the frequently-inebriated weekend boat drivers.

This shows the marina office and fuel dock as seen from our bow.

Another shot of the marina office on the left, and the fuel dock. Most of the marina’s slips are to the left of this view or behind us, so we have a front row seat for all the comings and goings. We can be the Mrs. Kravitz of the marina when we’re there.

We push off from G dock, motor straight ahead and hang a hard left at the end of the fuel dock, and less than 200 yards later, we’re in the ICW. Another left takes us as far as New York, and a right lines us up for the Keys. Now all we need is the time and money to go to one or the other of those places.

We finished up around 2:30 and headed for home. This is how she looks sitting in her new home.


About TwoCaptains

The TwoCaptains are Jim and Janet, both US Coast Guard licensed boat captains home-ported in Daytona Beach. We recently sold our 1990 Ocean Yachts 56' CPMY "Magic Carpet", and now we're in the hunt for a replacement.
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