What’s Been Done So Far.

Well, we’ve had Magic Carpet for almost six months already. Doesn’t seem that long, and in other ways, it seems longer.

Just as a recap to tell you what we’ve done to her, I offer the following.

First, and probably most important, we took the old name off the transom and the sideboards, and put the new official name on. “Magic Carpet” in now emblazoned across her tushie, and I have the name on the sideboards as well. Just haven’t gotten around to reinstalling those yet. It’s nice having her named, and the guy who did the work did a really good job. Gold leaf lettering outlined in black. Classy.

A job that seems to have dragged on forever is the reconditioning of the generator. It ran fine, but I wanted to put new hoses on, clean out the heat exchanger and repaint the sound enclosure. The heat exchanger acts like a car’s radiator, and is the thing that cools the generator’s engine. I took it off and took it home, and once I got it apart, I was glad I did. I’m not sure if it had ever been cleaned before. It was full of chunks of old broken-off zincs, and the tubes inside were almost plugged. I’m surprised it ran without overheating. A little muratic acid, and now the insides sparkle. The sound enclosure is a set of panels that fit around the generator. When it’s all put together, it looks like a big red box in the engine room. The panels all have sound-absorbing foam on the inside, and the whole idea is to muffle the sound of the generator’s diesel motor. The old foam was all rotten, and the panels were rusty in spots, so they came home too, to be sand-blasted, sanded and repainted. I’m now ready to put the new sound-deadening foam on them. In the meantime, I replaced all the hoses on the genset, put a new thermostat in, and just this past weekend, put a new raw water pump impeller in. I’ll change the oil and reinstall the sound enclosure, and the generator rehab will be done.

Janet spent some time shopping for new dishes and other kitchen stuff, and we got some nice glasses with Magic Carpet printed on them. She cleaned out all of the galley drawers and cupboards and put new no-slip liners in so stuff stays put. We’ve cooked a few meals on board, so we know the stove, microwave and coffee maker work.

We took down all of the old metal mini-blinds because they looked tired, and we just didn’t like them. A Daytona Beach company came to the boat and measured for new blinds and fabric valences, and the last of them was installed just this weekend. Looks really nice inside now, but now I’ve added a job to my to-do list…I need to make some wooden sills for the windows. The old set-up had fabric covered pieces that went all the way around the windows. We now have them only at the top, so the bottom needs some finished pieces to make it look right. I need to find a good cheap source for teak. That’s sort of like a good cheap source for gold.

I hired a diver to clean the bottom of the boat and then come back a few days later to install new zincs. When he came back to do that, he said he left his tools on another boat and could he borrow some tools from me? Guess who won’t be doing that job next time.

We took out the three old televisions and replaced the one in the salon with a new 40″ Samsung LED flat screen. Got a Blue Ray player and a new tuner, and some kickin’ speakers. Now, if we want to watch a movie in style, we’ll go to the boat, The set-up there is much better than what we have at home! As we get to it, we’ll replace the TV’s in the forward and master stateroom’s with smaller flat screens also.

The forward bilge pump wouldn’t stay snapped into its base, so I pulled that out and installed a new one. While I was at it, I pulled all the wiring up into the lazarette above the bilge and installed all the connections on a terminal strip inside an electrical box mounted to the bulkhead. Used adhesive-lined heat-shrink crimp connectors, and double heat-shrink tubing over all splices. If any connection gets wet now, I’ve got bigger problems.

Just on a whim, I decided to check the sump that pumps water from the forward head’s sinks and showers overboard. I found the sump full, and the pump inoperative. Glad I found it when I did, because it would have been a real problem if we were out on a days-long cruise. I dried it all up, and pulled the pump and float switch and replaced both. Works like a champ now.

We pulled and rebuilt all three windshield wiper motors, and I bought new blades. The motors are back in, but I haven’t reinstalled the arms and blades yet. Gotta do that soon.

Oh, almost forgot…I installed some blue LED courtesy lights in the cockpit. Looks really cool at night. I’m going to install the same bulbs in the courtesy lights outside each side door and on the flybridge. Pimpin’ my ride.

Upcoming projects include installing a galvanic isolator to help prolong the life of the sacrificial anodes (zincs) and rewiring the battery connections. The rat’s nest that sits on top of the batteries now would make Rube Goldberg cry. I also plan to replace the head (toilet) in the master stateroom with a new one, and if that goes well, I may do the other two also. A new FM/CD radio for the flybridge is in the cards, and I’m working on a revised hoist harness for the dinghy.

It’s been fun most of the time, maddening on occasion, and “what the hell have we done” once or twice. But, when we wake up and the marina is flat-calm, and the dolphins are playing around not 20 feet from the boat, it’s all good.


About TwoCaptains

The TwoCaptains are Jim and Janet, both US Coast Guard licensed boat captains home-ported in Daytona Beach. We recently sold our 1990 Ocean Yachts 56' CPMY "Magic Carpet", and now we're in the hunt for a replacement.
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One Response to What’s Been Done So Far.

  1. Maureen Cronin says:

    and of course those new speakers for your music system sound great too.
    I can’t believe all the work you’ve done in the last four or five weeks. Are you still working at your consulting job???

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