Thump, Thump, Thump. Repeat Ad Nauseum

You know how sometimes in traffic, you’re at a red light and some drooling cretin pulls up next to you in a car with “music” playing so loud Stevie Wonder would enjoy it? The kind with a bass beat that feels like a succession of kidney punches?

You look over at said driver and you can just tell that there is absolutely nothing going on in that noggin. Can’t be. All that thumping HAS to mess with the synaptic process.

I mention this, because we have something similar that occurs every Friday and Saturday night right here in our little piece of paradise. There’s a nightclub located almost exactly 500 feet north of our boat, and there’s nothing between us and them but water.

Now you may have heard that sound carries well over water.

Well I’m here to tell you, it’s true. Especially low frequency sounds like the thump-thump beat of electronic club music.

The US Navy uses ultra low frequencies for communicating with their submarines. They do this because those very low frequencies aren’t blocked by stuff like mountains, or oceans…they just go right, frigging through them. That’s what this club’s music does, it just comes right on in.

On Friday and Saturday night, a bunch of the locals gather at the Blue Grotto hoping to get drunk, and probably hoping even more, to get lucky. I certainly have nothing against the former, and I wish them all the luck in the world with the latter. My complaint centers on the apparent need for kidney-shattering music at afterburner-level volume to make either of those things occur.

I’ve gotten plenty drunk in the day, and have had my share of “happy nights” all while nestled comfortably in Barry White’s smooth tones, so I know both ends can be achieved without damage to my eardrums or those of innocent bystanders hundreds of feet away.

This Google Earth shot shows the marina we’re in, and I’ve added tags to show where we are, and where the nightclub is.

By the way, if you go on Google Earth, you can zoom in closer. That’s really Magic Carpet…our little vessel is on Google Earth! Neat!

Now at 10:00 in the evening, loud music is still something that doesn’t annoy me much. At 11:00, I start getting a little edgy, and by midnight, when it seems the desperation level is beginning to rise in the bar, the volume rises with it, and the beat becomes palpable even with the boat’s doors and windows closed. This goes on until the joint closes down at 2:00 AM.

“Just put some earplugs in” you say? Tried that. Remember the discussion above about how low frequency sound just goes through stuff? That holds equally true for earplugs.

Daytona does consider the marina to be a residential area, and the city has a noise ordinance that seems to require reasonable noise levels after 10:00, so I guess Janet and I will just have to be the marina’s resident nags and call the cops every time the club gets fired up until they get the message.

It’s a pain being an old crotchety geezer.


About TwoCaptains

The TwoCaptains are Jim and Janet, both US Coast Guard licensed boat captains home-ported in Daytona Beach. We recently sold our 1990 Ocean Yachts 56' CPMY "Magic Carpet", and now we're in the hunt for a replacement.
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2 Responses to Thump, Thump, Thump. Repeat Ad Nauseum

  1. Kirk says:

    seems like a direct conflict of interest. Some people, esp young people, like to go out and have that party experience which can include loud music. However, even the most vivacious party people don’t go out every night, yet your exposed to it EVERY night. Those of us that have moved beyond that tend to seek the more personal party experience, perhaps some wine or highballs on the boat with friends or family. The marina is a place that offers a parking spot for the ultimate in privacy, your own floating party. I’m sure that there is a level of noise and decorum that is expected throughout the boat owners that is not honored by the club. The boat owners are paying a premium for the privilege of privacy and peace. The club is simply a money machine, a business. They don’t care about the people outside the club because they are not paying for the drinks, the band etc. However, I would think the boat owners are a better source of revenue. My thought is to unite and fight rather than have singular complaints.

  2. Clark Shore says:

    I just rented a slip and was never warned about the music. I am very mad about this. I saw we get the entire marina community together, call the police every night it gets loud , approach the restaurant owner and let them know we intend to boycott, picket, contact local print and tv news media, use social media and every other means by which to get a reduced volume.

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